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May 11, 2021


When we had the idea to launch our property management arm in late 2019, we never anticipated the extent of the positive impact it would have across our investors, tenants, team, and company as a whole. After onboarding 4 million SF and 350+ tenants, we are sharing why we decided to launch FCP Management, what it was like launching a company during a global pandemic, the service benefits, and how we can potentially serve you.

Niche Market

First and foremost, we noticed a gap in the market. We had worked with a variety of management partners in the past, but the uniqueness of the size, tenant base, and condition of our Class B industrial properties brought a unique set of challenges. We had a difficult time finding a partner that was not only equipped to manage these challenges but also uphold our standards when it came to processes, values, service, etc. Our goal is to operate with excellence in everything we do, so we committed to providing the absolute best service to each of our tenants and external partners.

Communication & Data Flow

Additionally, we knew eliminating an external party and having all teams under one roof would have a positive impact on the property for a variety of reasons:

  1. The entire team is working off the same systems and processes.

  2. We have an insider perspective on comps in the area.

  3. Our accounting, finance, asset managers, and property managers are in regular communication, which provides a holistic view of the property’s performance.

  4. Cross-team communication creates a stronger sense of accountability and transparency for the property management team.

  5. The property management team becomes involved with the asset at the very beginning, giving them a head start on service contracts and communicating with customers. 

  6. This enabled us to develop stronger relationships with our tenants and the ability to aggregate data to identify operational efficiencies that benefit the tenant experience.


Third-Party Services

But we didn’t stop with our own portfolio, we also expanded into third-party Property Management. Again, we knew there was a gap and wanted to provide the same high-quality expertise to the market.

We see ourselves as a service provider. It takes a lot of diligence and time to become an amazing service provider, but that is what FCP is striving for and committed to. When our partners think of FCP Management, we want them to say we are the best group they have worked with. Our goal is to be known as fast, responsive, easy to work with, and friendly.

If you are interested in hiring FCP Management for your property management needs, please contact

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